Rapid Fire Spotlight: Interview with Author Elisa Lorello

Interview by Martin McGregor

Elisa Lorello has been a writer and a teacher for all of her life. Elisa is the youngest of seven children, is newly married, and she currently lives in Maine with her husband and children (the furry four-legged kind). She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth and taught rhetoric and writing at the college level for more than ten years. In 2012 she became a full-time novelist. To date, she has written eight novels including the bestseller “Faking It.” She also teaches the craft of storytelling, writing process, and rhetoric, and she approaches each subject with enthusiasm and humor.

She has featured as a guest speaker at the Triangle Association of Freelancers 2012 and 2014 Write Now! conferences, and in May 2016 she presented a lesson for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association spring workshop. She continues to speak and write about her publishing experience and to teach the craft of writing and revision. Elisa’s bio says that she enjoys reading, walking, hanging out in coffee shops, Nutella, and all things Duran Duran. She also says that she plays guitar badly and occasionally bakes.

I caught up with her recently to ask her about how Duran Duran has influenced her life and her work, and to ask her as she steps out into her own future, what does she think it holds for Elisa?

M: How are you feeling today?

E: The sun is out and there's a nice breeze coming through the window, so no complaints today!

M: Where are you based?

E: I currently live in midcoast Maine, which is north and east of Portland. We're surrounded by coastal water and tranquil trees. Gets no better.

M: So what do you do to relax?

E: Depends. Sometimes taking a drive relaxes me. Sometimes it's sitting in a comfy chair and reading. Sometimes it's just ten minutes of meditation. Or going to a coffeeshop with a friend, or browsing in a library.

M: Can you remember the first time that you ever heard a Duran Duran song?

E: Funny, that's a faint memory for me. I vaguely remember hearing "Hungry Like the Wolf" on the radio, with the "moaning" at the end, and mistaking the band for The Human League. I also have faint memories of hearing "Rio" on the radio. I didn't have MTV, so it was really my best friend who officially introduced me to the band and the music. Then I got the first three albums for Christmas and my birthday a month later. That was 1983 and '84.

M: What are your passions in life other than writing and music?

E: Spending time with my husband and/or my siblings; reading; chocolate, my tuxedo cat, and being at the beach, especially the ocean. To name a few. 😉

M: Which band member would you most like to be trapped in an elevator with and why?

E: John Taylor, of course! Need I explain? Although I suspect Nick Rhodes would be a great conversationalist.

M: If you could have anyone living or dead perform on stage with Duran Duran, who would it be and which song?

E: That's an interesting question. I grew up listening to the Beatles, so having George Harrison back would be wonderful, especially on stage with the band. John Lennon too, of course. I also love the jazz greats like Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. Can you imagine Ella Fitzgerald performing a song or two with the band?

M: What is the most personally valuable lyric to you out of all of Duran Durans songs?

E: "And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive" had gotten me through some really tough times. That entire song has, really.

M:If you could place yourself into any Duran Duran video, which one would it be?

E: Who wouldn't want to be in "Rio"? Although I'd get pretty sick on that yacht. I'll just stay on the beach, thank you. I also love the "Pressure Off" video. Wouldn't mind being in that one, either. I can play tambourine.

M: What are you currently working on?

E: I'm actually on a writing sabbatical this year. The last few years brought a lot of change--I got married for the first time, moved to Montana, moved to Maine a couple of years later--and the publishing industry is always changing, but it's taken some hits. I felt like I needed to recharge my creative batteries, so I'm working at a small, community-owned movie theater in town, and I'm really enjoying that and having fun. I also had some health challenges this year, so it was important to take care of those. I'm sure if/when inspiration strikes again, it'll feel like I never left.

M: So tell me what does the future hold for Elisa Lorello?

E: I have no specifics and no crystal ball, but I know for sure it's all good things.

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